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Stephanie Zier is an Art Clay Certified Instructor

Stacking Rings,

Beginning Silver Smith

This class is by appointment at my studio in Parkman, WY. I am taking small groups, or mini parties, of 1-4 for this 2.5 hour workshop. I am also able to travel to you for this workshop.

You will be making three sterling silver stacking rings. I have a selection of semiprecious stones and sterling decorations, which I have premade, for you to choose from.  You will then cut the band, add optional band texture and prepare for soldering. I will demonstrate how to safely solder and be there right next to you as you solder on your settings. From there you polish the rings and set your gemstones. TaDa! You have completed a trio of unique stacking rings!

Cost: $85 per person, materials included.


Skill Level: Novice/Beginner

Where & When:

By appointment at my Parkman studio. Contact me to schedule a time for your or your group of up to four.





What is
Metal Clay??

Pendant & Earrings Workshop

Introduction to Silver Metal Clay

This is a project-based, hands on workshop, but allows a lot of flexibility to explore the joy of working with metal clay and express your creativity. 


You will make a pendant and earring set of your own design.  In the process you will learn the techniques of working with silver metal clay, from rolling and shaping to texturing and decorating with coils, balls and small embellishments. I will demonstrate different bail styles for you to choose from for your pendan. You will also learn to set a firable gemstone.  


After kiln firing we will go over patina and finishing techniques, which will complete your unique jewelry set!

One fireable gemstone, 14 grams of silver clay, tools and kiln firing are included, just bring your creative self!

Additional materials purchase available for the ambitio

Skill Level: Beginner and up

Where & When:

Saturday March 14th 9AM-4PM (2 hour lunch break)

SAGE Community Arts, Sheridan, Wyoming


Fine Silver & Dichoic Glass Workshop

Adding color to your silver work

Dichoric glass contains metals, which create iridescent effects when made into cabochons.  Often they look like natural stones, works of modern art or little pieces of the cosmos. In this class you will learn how to be creative with fine silver clay to make a truly unique pendant. 

All tools and material will be provided. No experience needed.

Skill Level: Beginner and up

Where & When:

August 3rd Saturday 9AM-3PM & Optional Sunday 4th 12-1PM to pick up work and optional patina.

Gallery on Main - Dayton, WY

Includes lunch & glass of Jackson Hole Winery Wine!


Stacking Rings in Sterling Silver

Metal Clay

Stacking rings can create a narrative, compose a puzzle or rely on simple shapes for interest. The interplay between the rings can be expressed as vertical, horizontal, lateral or a combination, and this is what makes them fun!


This class will cover design guidance for your unique set of rings, ring sizing, many wet and dry techniques for texturing and embellishing your rings, and setting fireable gemstones.

What's Included:   Twenty-five grams sterling silver clay, one fireable gemstone, tools for creating and finishing your project. Additional stones will be available for purchase, or bring your own gemstones that are safe to fire to 1600F. 

Skill Level: Experience in metal clay is helpful but not required. Beginners welcome.

Where & When:

March 28th, Saturday 9AM-4PM.

Gallery on Main, Dayton, WY

Lunch included

Cost: $150

Sliding Locket Workshop

Hidden Treasures

We equate lockets with storing memories and small treasures. In this workshop we will engineer a walled back piece and decorative cover out of silver metal clay.  What you put inside is up to you and your imagination! This is an opportunity to take your metal clay skills to a new level.

What's Included:  Silver clay, one fireable gemstone, tools for creating and finishing your project. Additional stones will be available for purchase, or bring your own gemstones that are safe to fire to 1600F. 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Where & When:

This can be scheduled as a one or two day workshop

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