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My muses spring from the natural world around me.  I live in Wyoming, where I romp with my husband and dogs in the vast, wild spaces and among ancient, exposed geology, flora and fauna of the mountainous west.  My passions are varied, each of which influence my work. 


I often incorporate Wyoming’s ancient geological textures, fossils and gemstones into pieces. The objects I collect were buried in time millennia ago.

The versatility and flexibility that precious metal clay offers is perfect for the organic shapes I prefer.


My memorial pendants, incorporating pet cremation ashes, are special work.  Being able to make a beautiful, wearable memory of someone’s great friend and companion is one of my joys, and it is an honor to be given one of these commissions. 


I enjoy studio time, but burn off steam by training for and doing triathlons and ultra-marathons.  What do I do with all those finisher T-shirts? Nothing. I make another charm for my "No Grit No Pearl"necklace and wear all those memories at once. My "Grit" jewelry is for those who dream BIG and want to commemorate their journeys and accomplishments!


My work is often related to the marking of time and significant points along our personal timelines, but sometimes it’s just for fun.


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