Class Stacking Ring, beginning metal smith

Class Stacking Ring, beginning metal smith

SKU: Pendan & Earrig

We will be making three sterling silver stacking rings using traditional metal smithing techniques. First we choose the ring decorations from semiprecious stones and sterling shapes that I have pre-made. We will then cut the wire, add optional band texture and prepare for soldering. I will show you how to safely solder and be there right next to you as you solder on your decorations and your ring closed. We will polish the rings and set your gemstones. TaDa! You have completed three stacking rings!

A 2 1/2  hour class at my studio. Groups of 1-4 students, apointment. Contact me for your custom booking. 

  • Return & Refund Policy

    LIfe is busy and plans change. Class refunds of 100% are available up to 7 days prior to class.  A 50% refund is available with less than 6 days' notice. Class fees are transferable to a later date. Refunds are subject to a $20 processing fee.



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