Alleys - Cuff

Alleys - Cuff

Two inch wide steel cuff with sultrey, curving lines and cutouts. Accents of 24k gold finish this contemporary design. 


Steel is finished with a deep black patina which makes the gold elements pop.  


Size: small/medium. I can resize.

  • Care Instructions

    Care Instructions:

    Your piece was made with care, and with some care your piece should last many lifetimes.


    Jewelry should be removed before exposure to water such as showering, dish washing or swimming. Avoid exposure to chemicals, including hairspray, perfumes and sunscreen.


    Silver: All silver will tarnish over time. Tarnish can be removed with a jewelry cloth or silver cleaner. Many cleaners contain abrasives, so avoid applying them to stones or pearls. Some pieces have unique patinas (“tarnish”) applied, which will change over time.


    Gold: Shine with a buffing cloth. Do not use abrasives.


    Steel: Your steel has been sealed from the elements for protection from rust. If it is exposed to moisture, dry it with a cloth as soon as possible. Occasionally rub a little light oil into your piece. In the unlikely event that your piece does rust, please contact me. I am able to professionally reseal it.


    Pearls: “Last thing on first thing off” is a good rule of thumb for pearls. Pearls are a delicate gift from nature and can easily be damaged by abrasives, hairspray, hand creams, sunscreens and other chemicals.